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The Ignited Church project required to display a lot of information on one page at one time. This was accomplished by making proper use of layout and image rotators. One of the squares also acts as a notifier for when live broadcasts occur.
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NAfME (National Association for Music Education) Collegiate needed a site that would serve as a resource for their membership statewide. Here they can access an archive of meeting minutes, stay up to date with conference schedules as well as connect with the executive board and let their voice be heard.
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The Lakeland House of Prayer website serves the purpose of an ease for updating and featuring important information pertaining to their near daily prayer meeting schedule. A calendar and blog page further keep visitors informed up to the minute.
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The idea with the Golden Rule Staffing site was to put prospective clients at ease and provide a feeling of comfort and warmth visually. The overall design of the site mimics that of a physical informational brochure giving a natural feel to the visitor.
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Joshua's House Int. maternity home is a place for unwed pregnant women who are seeking to carry their child to full term and point their life in the right direction. As a product of the success of the home, articles and publications are constantly written praising their efforts. These articles are featured on the home page as well as kept in an archive for later reading.
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Traveling throughout the United States and internationally, evangelists Frank and Naphtali Seamster carry quite an itinerary. The site features an abbreviated itinerary on the home page as well as articles that capture and retell experiences from their meetings.
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For Prophet Glenn Miller we decided to give featured space for his book on the home page allowing visitors the opportunity to purchase it. The site also gives visitors a chance to read his blog and keep up to date on his itinerary.
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