The Redwood Life can be described as a happy collision between small group bible study, small group discipleship and small group prayer furnace.

Each small group is founded on these three values:
1. To deeply love The Word of God, to desire to be rooted and grounded in His truth and to share it
2. To intentionally, in love, build up and edify others creating relationship-based accountability
3. To cultivate bold, joyful atmosphere-shifting prayer and intercession as a normal part of our lives

Small groups cap their size at 12 persons in order to keep an intimate and close-knit atmosphere. This atmosphere encourages participation and engagement which simultaneously diminishes any sense of timidity or fear in a group environment. If the size of a group grows larger than 12 persons the group facilitator will raise up one or more persons in the group to facilitate their own groups, thereby reciprocating the small group environment over and over.