Ok, so I didn't write anything last week… well it was kinda my birthday! So there! Anyhow, let's get to this week. My work schedule got shifted around this past week and it wasn't the most comfortable adjustment. Hopefully all returns to normal! At LHOP we started our Tuesdays at Harvest Church which was great! We'll be going from 10am - 8pm with continuous worship and prayer every Tuesday. Thank you Harvest Church for hosting us!

Friday and Saturday March 16-17 Southeastern University will be holding it's annual 180 Film Festival. I have had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of two of those projects: Movie Magic (original music) and Shotgun 2 (original music, sound design). Each year the festival grows and expands, thus the way in which it's carried out does as well. This year, the nomination results for each award category have been posted already! Shotgun 2 and Movie Magic have both been nominated for Best Original Score and Best Sound Design (although I only did sound design for Shotgun 2). The festival is also spanning the course of two days in order to spread out the lectures, screenings and awards ceremony. I can't wait to find out the results!

This past Thursday, March 8th, I had an opportunity to work with Rosie Cafarelli reporting for The Daily Buzz and The Lakeland Ledger to capture some pictures and video of Tim Tebow at Southeastern's National Leadership Forum. The Forum is an annual conference that has hosted the likes of Craig Groeschel, Colin Powell, George W. Bush, John Maxwell, and many others. This year the headlining speakers were Tim Tebow and Robert Gates. Getting to hear Tim speak about the challenges he faces to live holy and diligently within the context of his career as a professional athlete was very inspiring and comforting. The inspiring element of his talk was simple because amidst the complexities of the nature of the career, and spotlight that comes with it, he chooses to keep his life as simple as possible. This was encouraging and reinforced my own recent efforts to simplify my own life. The comforting element during the interview could be boiled down to: he doesn't try to take himself too seriously; he loves football for the sport that it is, he loves God and lives devotionally in the place of prayer, and he just enjoys being Tim for who Tim is.

A good book end to the week was today when I got to hang out with one of my music students Jacob. We went and had lunch, saw a movie and chatted over coffee afterwards. One thing that Tim Tebow said in the context of leadership is that 'someone is always following you.' Jacob is just entering high school and truly has a desire to follow God's desire for his life. I would be remiss to not take time outside of our music lessons to invest in Jacob's well being. That capacity may be as simple as just lending time to sit, listen and talk with him but it is profoundly effective beyond what I may ever be able to understand; for that I am overjoyed.

We have come to the end of another blog, in hopes that I will remember to post again soon.