Oh Blog, how I've neglected you. I'm sorry, it won't happen again (hopefully not anyhow). If you follow me on twitter or facebook then you know that I've been quite busy lately! Helping to organize a conference, teaching music lessons, working long hours, and orchestrating a musical; it's all fun and games folks ;) Since my last post I had the wonderful opportunity to teach a class on media production at the Orlando House of Prayer! Of my most recent activities, promoting our Elevate conference going on May 13-14 has taken up most of my time during the day. Check out some information on Elevate at http://elevateworshipexperience.com. Happy birthday to my dad! It's quarter to 3 am and I seem to be having the most difficult time falling asleep.... Perhaps if I read something boring I'll start to doze off...? Well, I'm off to test that hypothesis!