Blog, oh Blog, how I have deserted you. Ok, enough with the dramatics, but yea I really have let go of my regular blogging :( Where do I start? Well, I've just been very very busy. Perhaps a bit too busy but I'm hanging in there. There are about 6 websites on the table for me to edit. Managing my time has been somewhat of an educational experience trying to take new approaches and explore new methods in order to maximize my productivity. Having recently acquired an iPad, thank you Dad :), has helped put in perspective what tasks should be delegated and how they can best be organized.

Perhaps the thing that has stolen my time away, not only from my blog, has been following my philosophy of making sure that not a single idea goes to waste. I've been putting down almost every idea that comes to mind and attempting to flesh it out. It's actually a pretty interesting thing to try and just halt everything you're doing, shift gears and give something different your complete attention! (I suggest you try it sometime)

Well I would love to go on and tell you more but my time is once again being stolen away from me. Until next time :)

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