Hey look at that, I'm posting regularly! I would like to congratulate my tech crew at Ignited Church for their fine work handling the service on their own while I filled in on bass guitar. You guys are great! I recently finished the score to a short film "Shotgun" that will be premiered at the 180 film festival here in Lakeland, FL at Southeastern University on March 19th. I will try and post the video on my showcase as soon as possible.

Speaking of my showcase, another film has been added! Agapao is a film I scored for a friends senior project. At first the film was frustrating to write for because it was very difficult to come up with a theme. Then one day it hit me; the film should start off with a song! I called up my good friend Carlos G. Santiago to capture the story of the film in a song. Having no doubt that he would write the perfect song he sent me a demo which not only captured the story perfectly but also timed itself perfectly with the opening sequence! I told him that I loved it and then proceeded to arrange it for a small band that would record the opening and closing sequences of the film (sort of like musical book ends). The band consisted of Keli Horn singing, Austin Vespa on acoustic guitar, Jeremiah Wooden on bass guitar and Billy Berry on drums. The music turned out to be great and well fitting for the film. Thanks to everyone who was a part of that project.