Well, I'm going to attempt to blog now on a weekly basis. I think Saturday's will serve as a good day to accomplish this, seeing as it is usually the day I have the most time and it comes at the end of my week. So let's begin by talking about this past week! I now lead 8 hours in the prayer room at LHOP, which is really fun. I just completed scoring for a film that will be entered into the 180 film festival called "Movie Magic" by director Kyle Tye. This is my first time working with Kyle, and I have to say that it has been a great experience in doing so. He truly understands music and holds a value for an organic sort-of way of doing things; brilliant! This website is going to go through some transformation as I will be modifying and adjusting how I communicate to the world as well as how the delivery of that communication happens. Until next time!