The 5th annual 180 Film Festival took place today in Lakeland, FL which premiered "Shotgun" a film I scored music and sound effects for. The directors of the film, the Three Penguins as they're called, were really great to work with and always put out good quality content. My original plan for today was to simply attend the festival and support my directors in their film making. As it turned out, I was nominated for "Best Sound Effects" and "Best Original Score" for Shotgun! I ended up walking away winning in the category of Best Sound Effects! What was really exciting though, is that Shotgun received awards for Best Editing, Best 3 minute film and many, many more! The Penguins also did a film in the 10 minute category called Retribution and consequently won several awards as well. It's good to know that I'm working with great directors and great people; it's all fun :)