Legacy; what is legacy? Today I ran sound and slideshow for a celebration of a life well spent. Although the man in the slideshow has passed away, this was a celebration which is different than it's distant cousin the funeral. Legacy; what does it mean? The word has traces and attributes that speak of sharing, partnering in and passing on a responsibility or commission. It can also be an invitation or implication to take up the challenge and lifestyle of dedication and purpose. What kind of legacy did this man leave for us? This man was described as a servant, selfless, full of joy, and all around a great person to be around.

Many people talk about leaving a legacy, something to be remembered by; something to make their name famous. What does that really create as an end result? The generation on the receiving end of the baton takes on the responsibility of feeling they need to achieve fame because they have equated fame with legacy due to the example set before them. Where did appreciation for the small unseen miracles go? When this happens we begin to see a culture of those who desire their name spelled out in big lights, teleprompters and tall posters. They seek the approval of digits, never being satisfied by the most recent tally. Their crave for crowd applause needs to be given in steady doses, otherwise they'll gorge themselves. Meekness is noble but doesn't come with the limelight, so they pass it by in search for other things. The sound of their own name brings a smile to their face, but never lasts long. In public they haven't a care in the world, but these people don't sleep well at night; how can they?

I have another L word for you; Love. Love is. Love is selfless, love is kind, love is faithful all the time. Love is in it for the long-haul, through thick and thin. Love doesn't puff itself up with pride or boast of itself. When Love, true Love, happens it sets wrong things right and puts a smile on the faces of everyone in the room. Love happens, even when it goes unnoticed (but Love is ok with that). Love takes a hit and then turns the other cheek; it has nothing to lose. Love goes all-out and leaves no one behind. Love corrects gently, because it hurts Love more than it hurts the student of Love's lesson. Love is just, especially when things look grim. It doesn't necessarily matter if Love gets left out of the credits because everyone knew it was there and couldn't forget even if they wanted to. Love isn't ashamed of you, and that's all you need to know.

Could it be that these two L words go hand in hand? Could it be that a Legacy of Love is what we need in our age? Could it be that we need to be live and in-person rather than LIVE! and impersonable? What kind of legacy will you take up and leave for others? What will be said of this next generation? Will they be like A Night on Broadway or will they be nameless and faceless? Legacy.